The Unwritten Laws of Love


Law is necessary for everything to function effectively.

If you are a mathematics guru, you know that there are some principles that must be followed in solving a specific problem. Engineers will talk about Newton’s law of motion, which you cannot disobey and succeed in moving a body from one point to another.

Anytime you buy a new gadget, you must request to be given the user’s manual, unless you want to spend forever visiting a technician.

What about love?

Love cannot function out of the principles of love. It will wither and dry up sooner than you think.

But there are some laws which are not to be written anywhere. No one will state them when they fall in love with you, but if you disobey them, you’re gone back to stage one; the league of the singles. To avoid emotional relegation, you must never forget the following unwritten laws of love:

Love Must be Expressed

Love cannot be simply presumed. It must be expressed. If there’s no expression, then it is dangerous to assume that there is love.

This can be very important especially in the developmental stage of love. You meet someone whom you think is the one, you show interest, but they seem dumb, it could be a sign that the feeling is not mutual. Don’t just hope that it will work. If it’s there, you will see an expression even if it’s a mere concern.

On the same note, after being in love it must be expressed. Love is one of those elections in which the aspirants must campaign even after winning the election. If they stop saying how much they love you, chances could be high, that love has withered away.

But you must be careful to learn your partner’s love language. Some people have imagined that love is lost, because they were waiting to hear sweet compliments from a partner who communicates their love through acts of service.

Love is Exclusive

Love must be like a substrate specific enzyme. Love will only thrive when there is full commitment to a specific person. Those who try loving several people at the same time, are attempting an impossibility and will sooner lose them all.

By attempting to have a bigger heart, you reduce your capacity to love, and you will soon lose the ability to love. You train yourself to connect to too many devices simultaneously, that when called to be responsible, you bring fragments instead of a full package.

Men usually mess in this respect, for most men measure Manhood with the ability to command the affection of several women, but this could be proof that you’re a big boy, not a man. Manhood is a call to responsibility, and being clear on what you want. Real men will connect emotionally to one woman, whom they will make their queen.

You cannot minister emotionally to a crowd!

Love is Two Way

Love is not a donation which needs a philanthropist. Love is like a Q & A script, that cannot work on one end. Love needs a response and feedback.

If for instance, your partner sends a message in the morning, “good morning gorgeous”, it is suicidal to simply respond, “morning”. Find a compliment and see the magic of replication.

In this respect, women will love to hear being told such sentiments. Women hear love and will believe it more than men. Men on the other hand see love. Let them see how much you are putting efforts to make a difference in their lives. Give them a little respect even if it can be best described as donated. They will improve and move to a stage where they can rightfully earn your respect.

So in simple terms, when you’re loved, love back. Let them feel loved if you do, for in the absence of an equal response, you will be a comrade and a ‘comradess.

Love is Not Blind

How blind is your love? We’ve seen people who stop taking responsibilities because they are in love. They don’t go to class because they are in love. They don’t work hard at work because they are in love. Some don’t even sleep and eat well, because they are in love. Some men don’t shower because they are madly in love😂

How best could we describe infatuation than in the above cases?

Love must have visual acuity. If love is entered upon blindly, troublous marriage will open your eyes.

You must know exactly what you want. Don’t get into a romantic relationship by faith. Don’t hope that they will change to be the one you dream of. If they are not the exact one, please don’t hesitate to try elsewhere.

Don’t assume any red flags, and don’t lose your head because you are in love. Love must be sober and with pure purposes. Don’t just assume yourself into love. Maintain a strict checklist and don’t revise it to accommodate someone. You can only have a compromise on personality issues and agree on a few things, but don’t negotiate on questionable character.

16 thoughts on “The Unwritten Laws of Love

  1. What could our little world been without love? Love rejuvenates the sensory systems of our brians. Read the love language of your partner and genuinely love. Never stir love when still not ready to love.
    Great Piece Sir. Keep your ink on paper!

    Liked by 1 person

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