She tagged Me on a Facebook Post and I Got Mad at Her.

Facebook autoresponse

She tagged me on a Facebook post and I got mad at her,
It was a pic all graceful and dope as the millennials would say,
With hair natural and well done, making her preside as a queen in her own domain.
All these Notwithstanding, I was still besides myself,
My reasons were simple and clear; I was nowhere to be seen in her post, it was a loners pic,
Secondly, there was a possibility of misinterpretation, “Is there strings attached between them twain?” people would have asked,
This would affect my future presentations of manifestos and conquests as a man not called to celibacy,
So I was angry and wanted to remove myself from the situation,
It was a simple thing, simply untagging myself,
No one would know, neither the caption nor the pic had anything to do with me.
But before I could shake myself free, I was pinned down with embattled thoughts,
Why me? Why not any of her 3k+ friends on Facebook? Why did she just pick on me, not once, not twice?
“There must be a drive which may have something to do with human capital”, I concluded.
One thing I was sure about, is that it was not due to negative influence,
Maybe it meant something to her, to appear associated with me,
Maybe she liked the kind of identity I was portraying which I’m also fighting day and night to live, for it is a bitter pill walking the talk.
This thought struck me to the core, and I realized the deep truth of being interwoven in the great web of humanity,
And the fact that we are responsible on the influence we exert upon others,
Therefore, why build a higher wall after setting an admirable personal profile?
Why chase them after making them believe that you are going to be a ladder they can climb to reach their goals?
People always know and want the best for themselves,
If that “best” turns out to be you, please don’t burn the bridge, don’t let go of your hold on them, or discourage them from a firmer grip on you, we are a family— the human race.

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