Why Did You Repent?

God allow U-turn

Why did you repent When you slapped the poor widow on the cheek?
Is it because it is wrong to harass the helpless, or because you were afraid of the barklash?

Why did you repent when your spouse caught you red handed in the rendezvous of coquetry and the so-called love?
Is it because it is wrong to defile the matrimonial bed, or because you were not ready to lose them?

Why did you repent when the auditor discovered inconsistencies in your accounts?
Is it because it is wrong to steal public money, or because you were afraid of being declared corrupt?

Why did you repent when the invigilator exposed your examination irregularities?
Is it because you think cheating is sinful, or because you wanted to be exempted from the automatic discontinuation?

Why did you repent when you were convicted of your sinfulness?
Is it because you hated the way you were feeling under the cognitive dissonance, or because you hated the very sin?

It is not Repentance, if you are still willing to do it for the last. True Repentance is not based on the consequences of sin, but the sinfulness of sin. Some sins are pleasurable, they won’t make you feel bad, but someone is hurt in the process. True repentance will make you convicted, that the last action in favour of your cherished sin is the past.

8 thoughts on “Why Did You Repent?

  1. Powerful message and naked truth. Majority nowadays seek repentance to cover up inequities, a repentance which is temporal. Realizing sinful a sin is is the key.
    Thank you

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  2. Such an interesting question. Why did you repent? To look right in the sight of those you wronged? Absolutely not. Because the author and the finisher of our faith is pure and if we are his family then no guile should be found in us. We are called to be pure in heart 100% not 99.9999 %percent. No room for dirt.

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