When Knowledge isn’t Power


I knew of a man,
He knew all the ills that Tobacco brings to those who abuse it,
But if chimneys could be fitted on his brow, it could have served him better,
For he could not spend two hours without emitting a cloud of smoke from his gigantic chimney-like nostrils.

I knew of a man,
He could give a convincing talk on the ills of a flesh intensive diet,
But his feeding program was like he was asking God for Carnassial teeth to break bones and tear flesh,
The Union between him and beef seemed to be kinda’ “till death do us part.”

I knew of a man,
He could read all inspired writings to knock cold unequal matrimonial Union between Christians and Worldlings,
But his Manifesto was a total betrayal,
It seemed like at the heart of his checklist, was the “Convert and marry gospel”.

I knew of a man,
He Could give a talk on how pornography hijacks minds of men,
But this selfsame man could not go a day without x-rated videos,
He confessed to have been ranked as a faithful consumer by a pornopgraphic websites 😭.

I knew a man,
He knew that without Christ he couldn’t do anything,
But he kept on facing the enemy alone with theological arguments,
He won arguments but lost thousands of souls.

I knew a man,
He was on another level in family life and relationship talks,
But he became too busy and had no time for His family,
He pulled many families together, but lost his own family out of neglect.

I knew a man,
He was a great preacher, you could agree with no doubt that he did his internship with Apostle Paul,
But he practiced none of the things he taught,
He forgot that the theory of the gospel on the pulpit needs to be backed up by a consistent lifestyle.

There’s nothing holy about ignorance, for ignorance is itself covered with some degree of impiety,
But knowledge not practiced, makes us nothing but whitewashed tombs, beautiful from far, but far from beautiful, for in them are rotting bones of the dead and dreadful skulls.
All through history, are wreaks of character stranded upon the rocks of sensual indulgence, who knew what to do, but failed to do.
We all need power, and that power is not in our knowledge.
To Christians, that power is in Christ. To non-Christians, where is that power?

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