Can The Bible Be Trusted?

The Holy Bible, KJV

In 2021, the Bible is still the World’s Bestseller, but it remains one of the most misunderstood books. The history has a fair share of its pages, dedicated to keeping human responses to the Bible, over the ages.
The earliest records could take us to the Jewish Phylactery, for the Tefilla was worn by men and women during prayers. Somebody looking at the Pharisees in the later times widening their Phylacteries, deemed them well endowed in piety. Preserved in Scrolls, the Scriptures got organized thematically in harmony with the Pentateuch.
First forward to the times of Papal supremacy, the Bible became an esoteric book of private interpretation. This plunged the World into the dark ages, for no one knew what the Bible had except the prelates, and they themselves interpreted it in harmony with their preconceived ideas. The expensive ignorance of the Holy Scriptures, conspicuously covered the then World. But the deep darkness could not withstand the test of time.
Reformation opened the stage to another bright morning, whose rays could not be submerged by all the principalities and powers. Reformers, under the rallier cry, “Sola Scriptura” sent the light broadcast, and they were willing to seal their testimonies with their own blood if it took that to present to the World, the life changing truths of the gospel.
But here we are, in 2021, having experienced in the recent past, endless debates on whether the Bible can be trusted or not.
Majority of the inhabitants of the world in the past few centuries have learnt the teachings of Epicurus, Socrates, Plato and Stoicism, which tends to encourage skepticism where the evidence is not striking. This is indeed very important, or else, imposters and broadcasters of untruths will auction our souls in their cheap market. We have a duty to make for ourselves a bulwark of truth, such that error finds us impregnable.
But this has been overdone by our scholars. We were to refuse absence of evidence, but nowadays we refuse even clear-cut evidence because we want to look scholarly and deep, or because we want to sustain inherited agnosticism and remain politically correct.
Can The Bible Be Trusted? O yes. Here are two reasons:

It’s Brutal Honesty in Biographies.

Have you ever read Eulogies and biographical literature, written by pens which claim no inspiration? I have had a privilege to go through a few, and one thing is common- all these people look like demigods. They are superhuman and flawless. Even the dreaded, praised and hated Iddi Amin and Adolf Hitler, could look different from what the eternal pen of history has written about them.
People look better than they were in non – inspired writings. Can you imagine that some creative writer of Newyork bestseller was to write the stories of David and Abraham? Adultery and Poligamy would be kept far and perfect record could have been embodied and presented in poetic and catchy language. But the Blessed Bible is not silent on the mistakes of Patriarchs and Prophets and the folly of Prophets and Kings. The Worth of man is in what he can do when written by uninspired authors, but under the pen of inspiration, the worth of man is based on how much he is willing to let God lead him. This is a proof that the Bible is a trustworthy record of God’s dealing with man.

The Prophetic Lens

Bible prophecy is a foundational teaching which stands juxtaposed to sober and unadulterated history. There are a lot of major historical occurrences, both political and religious, that the Bible reasonably predicted.

Prophecy has traced the rise and fall of the world’s great empires—Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. With each of these, as with nations of less power, history repeated itself. Each had its period of test, each failed, its glory faded, its power departed, and its place was occupied by another. While the nations rejected God’s principles, and in this rejection wrought their own ruin, it was still manifest that the divine, overruling purpose was working through all their movements.

– Education 177

The book of Daniel 2, for instance, gives an outline of the political history of the World, from the Babylonian empire to the second coming of Jesus. The millennial man in Nebuchadrezzar’s dream as interpreted by prophet Daniel, is in harmony with History. The Head of Gold, stood for Babylon(605-539 BC), chest and arms of Silver, Medio-Persia(539-331 BC), waist and thigh of brass, the Greek empire(331-168 BC), legs of iron, Roman empire (168BC- AD476) and, feet partly of Clay and iron, the divided Europe as seen even today. People have tried uniting Europe but all to no avail. Why is it so?
KJV Daniel 2:43
And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Napoleon Bonaparte, tried uniting European nations and all his efforts were drowned in the battle of the Waterloo. In the above prophecy, can be traced to Brexit.
Whereas we look at this as History, to Daniel it was a future occurrence. How could he have laid this together, if not God working exclusively?
If you are sincere enough, you cannot question the Bible, if you view it in the Prophetic Lens.
But denial of this is like denial of the History of the World. It’s like refusing to admit that Nairobi is the Capital of Kenya. You end up looking stultified and very cheap.
If the Bible is given it’s right place, then there would be a large-scale demolition of structures which are sustained by fables and traditions, and which defies the sound teachings of the Bible.

8 thoughts on “Can The Bible Be Trusted?

  1. I like the place where it reads,”… is not silent on the mistakes of Patriarchs and Prophets and the folly of Prophets and Kings.”
    Indeed “…all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.1Cor.10:11.”
    This is a nice writ.God bless the pen.

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  2. AMEN,,, very insightful…. It’s encouraging that amidst the corrupt world we can have still something to trust, that’s the Holy Scripture and it’s truth will stand forever.
    God bless you Mtumishi.

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  3. yes….more that being trusted, philosophical argument can make you retrench your believe but being a real believer means never to stop believing in is the character of God..instead trust even more than ever before.

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