What if it is True?

What if It is true, That there is a God in Heaven who is the king of the universe, How will it be for those too smart to accept His existence? What if it is true, That the son of God bled and died that the sons of men might be the sons of God, […]

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The Unwritten Laws of Love

Law is necessary for everything to function effectively. If you are a mathematics guru, you know that there are some principles that must be followed in solving a specific problem. Engineers will talk about Newton’s law of motion, which you cannot disobey and succeed in moving a body from one point to another. Anytime you […]

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Why Did You Repent?

Why did you repent When you slapped the poor widow on the cheek?Is it because it is wrong to harass the helpless, or because you were afraid of the barklash? Why did you repent when your spouse caught you red handed in the rendezvous of coquetry and the so-called love? Is it because it is […]

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All Women Are Beautiful

All Women are beautiful, Or what do you call those who leave their nuclear family and come to your home and cleave on you? All Women are beautiful, Or what do you call those who never give up on wayward men and children, who keep on saying, they will change? All Women Are Beautiful, Or […]

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When Knowledge isn’t Power

I knew of a man, He knew all the ills that Tobacco brings to those who abuse it, But if chimneys could be fitted on his brow, it could have served him better, For he could not spend two hours without emitting a cloud of smoke from his gigantic chimney-like nostrils. I knew of a […]

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