Five Minutes After Being Kidnapped😂

Have you ever been Kidnapped? What about having someone who means a lot to you being Kidnapped? It’s a terrible thing even imagining that someone is holding you hostage and is not willing to let you free. Children are especially warned to avoid interacting with strangers to avoid falling in the traps of swindlers.
But since the first week of February 2021, something has been trending which has left everyone laughing or smiling. It defies the traditional forebodings that surrounds the matter of being Kidnapped. A meme with somebody asking weird questions or telling funny stories to their kidnappers. For instance, “Can you please tether me, I would like to place my bet, or Please go and kidnap my friends and take us for team building activities”. Who does that😂!Here are a few :

Would you kindly play for me, ‘Paro GA Nyasuba’
Hey Mehn, kindly tether me, I would like to place my bets.
Hope you have girlfriends

It is like the issue of kidnapping has lost its meaning all together. To kidnap, is a transitive verb which means to seize and detain a person unlawfully; sometimes for ransom. But as it has been used by the melelords, it can easily be conjectured away from its meaning. It looks like being Kidnapped is an opportunity to grow and be something great. In the trending jokes, the victims were choosing their beverage, soliciting for their own friends to be Kidnapped too, and worse still asking for job opportunities from their kidnappers. Well this is humorous, but very strange. It’s even Unheard of that kidnappers can listen to you. After laughing my heart out, a thought confronted me. It was based on the writings of the gospel Prophet:
A person is presented who says, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we in agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: … (KJV Isaiah 28:15)
Laughing and talking freely with your kidnapper, to me, sounds like a covenant with death., Which covenant can be more questionable and dangerous as a covenant with death? Don’t you realise death has nothing to lose in case he breaches the contract? It looks more like auctioning yourself in a cheap market. Can it be that you’ve made a covenant with death?
Biblically, death is a result of transgression of God’s law. A covenant with death therefore looks to me like a license to sin and being assured of escaping its consequences unharmed. And nowhere is such a practice entained than in Apostate religion. There are people who claim the righteousness of Christ, but who teach that obedience is legalism—this is a covenant with death. There are people who know exactly what they are supposed to do, but do not do—another covenant with death. A covenant with death fosters pride and disobedience. It makes people live as if they have power to choose the consequences of their actions! A covenant with death produces hypocrites and useless Christians—whom God cannot depend on!
Satan is the greatest kidnapper who has kept us hostage in this sin-sick, sin-soaked world. He has corrupted and debased human beings from an image of God, to beings who look like little devils. That’s why we are so educated but held hostage with addictions, we are connected in the social media, but very lonely, with poor relationships, we are theologically exposed but not converted!
It is deadly to try to be in harmony with the kidnapper. We are committing murder, if we view the devil as a friend whom we can reason with!

14 thoughts on “Five Minutes After Being Kidnapped😂

  1. We’ve no power to choose the consequences of our actions!

    Wowh! This is sobering ….

    This is a nice piece , a deep thought of looking, interpreting and relating today’s joke with a third eye!

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  2. How more then do we know that Satan is our kidnapper and then we come into agreement with him?? We laugh again with him ?? And joke along! ,,How then do we perceive judgment?? …
    Great @Barack K’

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  3. We usually try to eat at the devil’s dining table and want to go and sleep at Jesus’s bedroom. A logic which reality beats. Not once will we ever try to strike a balance on the two remember we are either hot or cold elsewhere we will be spit.

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