Stingy Men Association; A Shipwreck of Manhood!

As a man, you must realize that you are only attractive if you have something to offer. This could be goodwill or in kind. It must not be financials all the time. Some good advice or just some generous attention would be a good move. If it turns out to be a few bucks or a few quids, it will even be more attractive. The bottom line is that a man must give, and the best gift is yourself and your time.

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Polite Notice…, DO NOT…!

As I was hurrying down the ground floor after learning a new Concept something caught my attention. I had seen it before, or if not in exactity, then it was a familiar concept. However this time round I had a meeting, being the chair, the Scribe and the member present. I don’t know if I’m […]

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