Another Man Down! Should We Be Concerned?

Another Man Down!

As we match and advance into the New Year, we expected to have the story skewing towards the Men’s Conference. But we are in a mix. We are losing the men. It’s not because of any strain of anti-masculine virus, this time round it is not due to pests and diseases or attacks from the neighboring communities, it is not even famine and drought. Men are dying on the saddle and the society is laughing about it, memelords are conjecturing humour out of it and everyone is laughing out loud. If you are not with me to this end, I’m concerned about men dying during sex!
The news headlines have been egregiously clobbered with deaths of men which occur during or while confronted with sexual escapades. It is unheard of! Our forefathers cannot take it lightly. So why is it this way? What is fatal about sex? Are men becoming weaker and weaker? Are men starving and wasting away? Or could it be that some unnatural practices which have been incorporated into the sexual behaviors of the millennials are proving costly? Is it necessary that we be concerned about this?
With the above questions pacing round-about in your head, I would like to share with you a fact that consentual sex has no much records fatalities during sex, but in most cases it is resulting from non-consentual. Consensual refers to sexual excitement or response caused by sensation, sympathy, or reflex action, and not by conscious volition. Non-consensual on the side has to conscious volition. One is forcing the body to outperform its natural capacity in an attempt to prove their sexual prowess, oftenly under the influence of sildenafil citrate, commonly known as viagra. The result is oftenly cardiac arrest and deaths which can be avoided. When unnatural sexual appetite has been aroused, any unwarranted delays or failure to show up by the prospective partner is fatal. Natural sexual desires can be controlled by simply a change of focus and concentrating on something else. This however doesn’t work when the body has been harrassed to outperform its natural endowments. This is what has caused the death of many in issues bordering sex. Is this death worth it?
I think that of the most unwarranted deaths, this particular one under scrutiny tops the list. Innocent men are disillusioned by sex hungry coquettes that some deegre of performance makes them the real deal. It’s a misconception that a measure of a man is linked to how long he lasts in bed. And in most cases, the demand is not within the natural carrying capacity of the male sexuality. Don’t set for yourself any dissipating expectations which end up overtaking the faculties of the body. Research shows that a clear conscience, outperforms viagra. Men need good food, respect and peace of mind to have a sexual performance that is natural and not wasting away the vital force of life. Also the number of reported cases have had to do with extramarital sexual engagements. Society, especially in the twenty-first century, has no problem with that. So in an attempt to show their prowess to objects of whoredom, men lose their lives and leave widows and orphans to suffer from want of a father and a husband. The sex revolution of the 1960s is responsible for this behaviour. Intelligent beings have lost it, while simple animals are maintaining their natural expectations. Most animals practice monogamous sex relationships, but the cream of creation is going overboard, defiling marital beds and and robbing us of skilled labour and expertise. Can we remain silent if we lose a neuroscientist to sex predators? No man needs to lose his life. We cannot keep quiet about it. We need all men. We will shout and sound a rallier cry till everyone gets it. Men are not immortal, but when a man dies under the influence of sildenafil citrate, it is murder and a demonstration of great enmity on masculinity. We can’t keep quiet anymore. We must address it in the upcoming men’s conference. Let no man miss the Conference.

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