Can God Bless Atheists?

Atheists defined, are human beings who disbelieve the existence of a God, or Supreme intelligent Being. They don’t respond to the voice of God and they reject any Union with Him. All their successes and failures, they attribute to natural causes. They don’t believe in the absolute principle of right and wrong because they don’t recognize anyone to have the capacity to set the moral code of humanity.
For the sake of this article, the word ‘to bless’, should be taken to mean: To make happy; to make successful; to prosper in temporal concerns; as, we are blessed with peace and plenty.
With all these information, our question should be taken to take the form, “Can God cause the Atheists to be successful in temporal concerns and have peace and plenty?”
In answering this question, we may need to understand how God works. While granting blessings, is there any favoritism? Look at the showers of blessings, to both the wicked and the upright, it causes the crops to grow and bud and ripen. The sun placed on the firmament, rules the day to the comfort of both the faithful and the rebellious. While the faithful glorify God for His benefits, the renegade enjoys the provisions of God with indifference and sometimes thanks the meteorologists for their accurate forecast. But how does God work? Here’s how He Works:

“There are divinely appointed rules which, if observed, will keep human beings from disease and premature death….”

– Medical Ministry 49.2

There are divinely appointed rules and obeying them makes a great difference in the lives of human beings. There are a lot of people who recognise the existence of God, whose lives He cannot bless. They could be very prayerful but they still follow their own ways in defiance of clearly revealed will of God. They don’t receive the blessings which their wise colleagues who do things God’s way receive. I think most people who profess belief in God are suffering because they are not doing their best in harmony with what has been revealed to them. This is not absolute however, for the Bible is clear that the poor and the needy shall not cease among us. They are opportunities for those who are more privileged to be co-workers with God in relieving human suffering. We are not faithful to God if the prayers of the widows, the needy and the orphans among us, reaches the throne of God, seeking His attention, while we have something to spare. We must be faithful and work with God even in answering the prayers of the less fortunate among us. God’s money in the hands of the faithful, is not a means for show and pomp, but school fees to the orphans, food to the needy and a source of support to the widows.
The Atheists who conduct themselves within the plan of God, will definitely receive the attached blessings. For instance, it’s very clear that poisons kill. When an atheist does not take poisons, they will not face the consequences of those who have been poisoned. They will die from other means just like every other human being. Anyone who does the will of God, gets the blessings of obedience. An atheist who is faithful will not be exposed to genital Warts and STIs. An atheist who practices teetotalism will be free from all sufferings that face drunkards. An atheist who works hard, will do well, for work is divine.
Potiphar is a good example. The Egyptians were not worshippers of God. Pharaoh himself declared that he knows not the Lord, neither will he let the Israelites go. Potiphar could not have had a private knowledge of God, but he was blessed when Joseph was in charge of his household enterprise. Because he handled Joseph with decorum, he was abundantly blessed and his wealth multiplied. This was because of Joseph who found favor in his house. The world and its fullness belongs to God. God can bless the vegetarian Pagans with the blessing of health and safety that is attached to vegetarianism. But wait a minute!

Caution: Blessings in this context are not synonymous to justification. While the Atheists can be blessed with temporal prosperity, they cannot be declared innocent of charges brought against them. This is simply because they will face the judgement without an advocate for they have not believed in Jesus. They are presenting their good works before God, but a snippet of sin makes them unfit for the kingdom. They have never been interested in the cause of God on earth and they cannot sing Him praises in Heaven. When they worked hard, they were blessed and they became tycoons and we respected them and went begging them to support our projects which they did. We are proud of their altruistic endeavors. They could be so decent with no police case or record of insurrection. They are 99.997 % righteous, but unfortunately this is not good enough. Rounding-off does not work here. Only those with 100% are being ushered in. 99.999% obedience is too much risk, God cannot take it.

We can receive the temporal blessings and live a decent life. But we must not face the judgement of God, without an advocate. Works will not be sufficient to justify anyone, for it’s either 100% or never.

If you would gather together everything that is good and holy and noble and lovely in man and then present the subject to the angels of God as acting a part in the salvation of the human soul or in merit, the proposition would be rejected as treason. Standing in the presence of their Creator and looking upon the unsurpassed glory which enshrouds His person, they are looking upon the Lamb of God given from the foundation of the world to a life of humiliation, to be rejected of sinful men, to be despised, to be crucified. Who can measure the infinity of the sacrifice!

– Faith and Works 24.1

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