Let Me Sin Now and Repent Later

The sin problem

Sin, what a tyrant! He is a no respecter of persons. He respects not the church leaders, he respects not the Aged. Sin doesn’t care that you have just come from the baptistry or Communion table. Sin doesn’t respect your resolutions to live a righteous life. Sin defies your profession of faith. In fact the moment you renew your relationship with God, sin will struggle to be a master again and again.
So maybe to ask, “How do you deal with this problem of Sin?
If there’s a formula that can sell, it’s solving the sin problem once and for all. People have dealt with it differently. Agnostics deal with it by rejecting the existence of God, therefore, morality becomes relative and anyone can set their own moral code. So there’s no sin. But to those thinking like that, who will not question the cruelty in the homicides and murders quite rampant today? Who can accept the turbulent governance so widespread in the world today? What about the suffering and injustices from class to class and bigoted factions? A claim that morality is entirely relative, is a recipe for anarchy. You cannot solve the sin problem by claiming that everyone can do whatever they Want. We must have a due concept of right and wrong.
Some have solved it by ignoring it, and running prematurely to grace. This has been the mother of cheap grace. A grace that accommodates sin. Anyone who encourages sanctified life and living above sin is termed legalistic. If you consider obedience to be legalism, it’s because you are deluded by cheap grace. Grace well understood leads to death of carnal nature and beginning a new life. Grace is available because a Saviour died, to save us from our sin, and a Saviour died to reconcile us with the broken law. But cheap grace intimates a thought of being saved in sin. The concept of grace, if well understood, will lead to obedience perfect and Perpetual.
There is another outstanding majority who solve the sin problem with ‘let me sin now and repent later‘ attitude. When confronted with an invitation to make a decision against God {Temptation}, they succumb with intention of repenting immediately. People go to the extent of promising themselves to do it for the last time. Let me be immoral for today only, then I will never do it again. Let me take my final bottle and then convert to teetotalism. Let me steal this final paper then I will begin absolute honesty and staunch integrity. So it is all about, ‘Let me sin for the last time’. Of all the responses, this could be the most dangerous! Any additional time spent in the forbidden ground, emboldens the carnal nature and enfeebles the moral backbone. It makes the path of rectitude straight and rebellion easier. It leads to grieving the Spirit of God and any of His subsequent warnings will progressively become less louder till the soul is led to the entire shipwreck of Faith. This is the basic reason why cherished sins becomes one’s second nature. Because of continuous and deliberate transgression, many are slaves of besetting sins.
The best time to sin for the last time was yesterday. Today you must rise in obedience. You are not going to hate the well stood arounded sin just by simple hate. You must train yourself to love truth and righteousness through continuous connecting with God through His Word. If Christ needed a daily devotion in order to raise a standard against sin, why do you think you can do the same with a few hours of texting and dozing in the pew? As much as we need food and water daily to keep holding onto the physical life, so do we need a daily provision of God’s word to keep holding onto life eternal. Our good intentions will always be frustrated by our non committal lifestyle! There’s a need for a more deliberate study culture. And this we must do daily, for everyday needs its own provision of power.

27 thoughts on “Let Me Sin Now and Repent Later

  1. This is so clear now …. unless an external force acts that is submitting fully to God’s course then the vicious cycle of sin will always hold.Thanks for the insight.

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  2. Am always blessed Kowili. Christ is the solution to sin problem. And we must learn to approach the throne of God with confidence prior to trouble (time of need) that we may obtain mercy and fine Grace in time of need. Daily devotion, daily devotion…Key

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  3. Amen and Amen. We can’t do anything to be saved He already did it(grace). But again if we don’t do something we will be entirely lost(cheap grace). Thanks for always giving us the need of the heart in this desperate moments.

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