Another Man Down! Should We Be Concerned?

As we match and advance into the New Year, we expected to have the story skewing towards the Men’s Conference. But we are in a mix. We are losing the men. It’s not because of any strain of anti-masculine virus, this time round it is not due to pests and diseases or attacks from the […]

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Can God Bless Atheists?

Atheists defined, are human beings who disbelieve the existence of a God, or Supreme intelligent Being. They don’t respond to the voice of God and they reject any Union with Him. All their successes and failures, they attribute to natural causes. They don’t believe in the absolute principle of right and wrong because they don’t […]

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Thought I was a tough cookie

Thought I was a tough cookie,Immune to all manner of attacks,But if the Champion of love wept,Then why must I have a rock tough visage Between the Porch and the Altar,I will weep and sigh,Till on the Haven of peace I anchor,But now is not that time,I’m in the Battlefield,

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Let Me Sin Now and Repent Later

Sin, what a tyrant! He is a no respecter of persons. He respects not the church leaders, he respects not the Aged. Sin doesn’t care that you have just come from the baptistry or Communion table. Sin doesn’t respect your resolutions to live a righteous life. Sin defies your profession of faith. In fact the […]

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