The Poem I Penned on 1st January 2020

New Year

On the first January 2020, I heard a great impression to write up a poem which to me can summarize how 2020 has been. If you were already close to me then, you may be seeing it for the second time. Here’s the poem:

It’s Not Gonna be Easy

As the time pass
And periods lapse
The new year dawns
With unfettered lawns

Many due to peer pressure
Others simply for leisure
Array on their virtual walls
Mementoes of fame in their halls

With sobering acuity
They remember and are guilty
Of the unfulfilled resolutions
Which yet demand from them solutions

Could it be that the better new year
That we stand cravingly for here
Is just but a wishful thinking,
In which we are slowly sinking?

Evidence with boldness
Suggest with coldness
A different scale of strength
Whose breadth we must scale full length.

I’m not sure if it gonna be easy
Meditating upon it I get dizzy
But I trust Him whom in the past,
Have hitherto been our trust.

Happy New year 2020
#It’s Not gonna be Easy,
But Our God is already there

So today being the last day of the same, what can you say? There were a lot of people broadcasting their ideas. The gospel of Prosperity pulpits might have declared it the year in which you will buy your car, but here you are, probably lamenting a job loss. The speculative Prophets may have served their Prophetic conjectures far and near, but here we’re, waiting to see the movements of the man of sin and his spurious Sabbath requirements. In all this we just learn one thing; let God be God. Ours is to wait upon Him and remember He will not tarry. As you come to the end of the year, and you start another, better learn to trust more. Only God is sure to remain the same in the new year.

The path where God leads the way may lie through the desert or the sea, but it is a safe path.

– Patriarchs and Prophets 290.3

8 thoughts on “The Poem I Penned on 1st January 2020

  1. Congratulations for such a nice poem but I plead that let us be optimistic. 2020 was a class in which both small and big were tested and now being experienced 2021 can dare be easy. Trust in God

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