Can a Christian be Justified in Not Celebrating Christmas?

Christmas is one of the holidays which commands the attention of the globe, irrespective of religious persuasion.The experience is different however as people celebrate it.
There are those whose energies are directed in excavating the deep truth behind Christmas and backing their arguments up, taking a position that the day should not be celebrated. Biblically speaking, there is no justification for 25th of December being the day of Christ’s birth. In fact carefully analysis will take it to earlier months of the year, but we cannot be exact on the day. So if it’s true that Jesus was not born on the 25th Day of December. If you think otherwise, bring your facts in the comments section. I’m confident about this.
Secondly, there’s the category of the astounding majority. Those who drink themselves to death in wild parties and gluttonous revelries. They do whatever they want as they celebrate Christmas. Sensuous indulgences and activities geared towards self aggrandizement are freely served by many in direct dishonor to the one they claim to be celebrating. Is it fair?
I will start by allowing you to have access to my poetry. On the 25th of December, while in an evangelistic campaign, I wrote this poem:

God’s Birthday

In the eternity past,
He was existing.
Before time was created,
He had been around for a while.
But how comes He has a birthday?

His existence is inherent,
He doesn’t depend on someone,
He needs no creator nor redeemer,
Yet He’s pinned to some date.
Is this not a confounding enigma?

If we ask the two Witnesses,
We are directed to count from June.
Sober Science demand of us nine months,
But I’m afraid We are going to be politically incorrect,
Or will we accept a popularly seeming miscarriage for God’s birth?
Oh No, for at the fullness of time He was born of a woman.

I believe with full conviction,
That His birth as well as His life,
His death as well as His resurrection,
Are important for the plan of redemption.
But do you know what He’s doing in Most Holy place?

Could it be,
That God’s Birthday,
As is celebrated by the World,
Is just but another human tradition,
Christened by the Apostate Christians and conscientiously handed down through oral tradition?

I’m Happy He was born.
I’m Happy He identified with us.
I’m Happy He gave us an example to follow.
But I’m worried we have obeyed, to His honour, someone else’s voice. Nevertheless, I have hope He says, “My sheep knows my voice”.
Do you know His voice?

How Should We Behave in the Christmas Season?
While some prefer hushing anything Christmas, how should we handle this? Christmas is supposed to mean the birth of Christ. He never celebrated it, and gave no command requiring its observance. So if you go silent and ignore it, there is nothing sinful about, for there is no clear voice of God requiring it.
But what about the party animals? What about those who don’t want it to go unrecognized? Maybe an analogy can work best. If I claim to be celebrating you and put my energies on things that make me happy and those that hurt you, is it right? Will you accept it? Christmas, as many celebrate it, is not safe as it bears no Credentials of Heaven. For many, it’s time self worship and show-off. For many it’s time of indulgence and sensuality. There are too many wrecks of character stranded upon the altar of baal and falsehood in this season.
If you must celebrate Christmas, then the motive must be sanctified. The object must change from self to Christ. Make a donation to support missionary work to bring Christ to those who are still in the dark concerning whom Christ was. Bring a smile upon your neighbours who are less fortunate in material possession. If you must celebrate, then reflect on the life of Christ especially the closing scenes as He was approaching Calvary. Carry out a soul search and find out how you haven’t been faithful to Christ in your walk as a Christian. Unless it’s for God’s glory, you should stop hiding behind Christmas. For to do self worship and strengthen lawlessness has been the behaviour of the world in this season. A true Christian will always be a standing rebuke to the sons disobedient and their fidelity to Christ, wounding the transgressors of God’s law.

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