5 Reasons Why You are Not as Happy as You Wish to be. 

I’m just not happy

Happiness is a basic emotional need to all  mankind and creation at large. Everyone wants to be Happy, but a great majority are in want of the same. Most people seem to have their lives skewed towards disappointment, sadness and choler. That’s why you will hear disconcerted individuals cutting off relationships with such statements as, “Zero expectations, zero disappointments”. In such a mentality, is embodied a presumption that we ain’t happy because of the bad people around us, and that we could be more happy in an ‘island’. So why aren’t you as happy as you wish to be? 

1. You are seeking Happiness. 

Many are bent on seeking happiness. They are looking for it everywhere and anywhere. But the laws of happiness don’t work like that. Instead the way to be Happy is to make someone happy. We must stop thinking about ourselves, and instead, make efforts and plans to make someone else happy. When you are seeking mirth for self, someone else is also seeking to gratify self, and this is the foundation of conflicts and struggles. Instead of seeking it for yourself, make it easier for someone else to get it. If your happiness is pegged to making others get what they want, yours will be a happy life. But when self is supreme, just know the conflict has begun and you are treading in the path of maximum disappointment. 

You can make a great career in the field of being a good human being. There are a lot of opportunities in this area and very little competition.” 

2. Pursuit of Pleasure Outside the Will of God. 

Man created in the image of God must be a co-worker with God. It is therefore a path of utter futility, to seek pleasure outside of God. Working at loggerheads with God, is a recipe for disaster. Most people think they can be very happy in rebellion towards God. In fact the majority pretend to be having a gorgeous time in seeking the leeks and onions of Egypt. But these same pursuits turn into ashes in their mouths. There is a void in every soul that only God can make a jigsaw fit with. You may try fixing  Romance in that void, you may push wild parties in the niche, or even fill it with self, but until you give it to the rightful occupant, you will be in a position of Wishful thinking. True happiness is in working in harmony with the creator. 

3. Consequences of Sin. 

Sin—the transgression of God’s law—has brought with it a lot of readjustments. With the innocence of obedience gone, unwarranted boldness of sinners has taken stage with satanic furry. The human behavior and courtesy has consequently undergone metamorphosis and the effect is seen in unwarranted human suffering. True happiness cannot be secured where sin abounds, because sin express itself in murder, violent heartbreaks, chains of addiction, evil regimes, and abuse and many worse occurrences. Sin is a thief of human peace and joy. If sin is kept at bay, the situation could change. When the Spirit of God is finally removed from the rebellious World, the full consequence of sin will be revealed. 

“The time is right upon us when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal” .


– Maranatha 175.5

4. Immediate Gratification. 

The millennials can as well be described as a microwave generation. Like the beef eating sons of Eli, we want whatever we want now, and we don’t care even if God is hurt in the process. Like the prodigal son, we ask for our share of the deal as we are mark-timing on the runway ready to take off to a far country as soon as we get it. And as long as we are not willing to endure the discipline of waiting, the deal will always not be the best. It can be seen how our relationships are conducted today, we awake love before it is time, and as boyfriends and girlfriends, we want to get the share of husbands and wives. You cannot be a boyfriend and a husband at the same time. Avoid the benefits and responsibilities of a husband. And to the girlfriends, avoid the responsibilities and benefits that a wife is entitled to. This is a recipe for a violent and painful breakup. We cannot wait to have our salary to begin our consumption spree, but we pick our payslip to pay endless debts and in most cases needless overdrafts. Because your uncle who is an octogenarian is handling a Midnight blue BMW X5, you are struggling for the same and you have worked for only 3months at a lower job group than his. The way things work naturally in the world is such that shortcuts remain to be a wrong cut which is a deep cut. Delayed Gratification is not debatable anymore, but the only option. Respect Time, and let it have its course and spare yourself unnecessary migraines. Accept what now is, respect the powers that be, and use these to wash your hands so that you can make it to the table of elders. 

5. Self Imposed Vulnerability. 

Is it possible that one can lead themselves to the guillotine? Can one lead himself to the stake? To these I would say yes. There are people who have given too much liberty to the second or third party and they don’t have control anymore. It is like their systems have been hacked and they cannot be happy anymore. So today we have people who are ‘madly in love’ till they have lost themselves and they cannot be happy on their own, in any meaningful activity. There are also cartel of friends who have hacked into the private spaces of the members. You have lost your individuality and cannot think anymore. So you end up blaming others for your bad days. You need to be so independent that when you make any mistake, you have only yourself to blame. 

At the tail end, life is not worth it if you cannot enjoy and feel good. Your Christianity must not be a mourners path. We must learn to rejoice in Christ. Over and above all open your heart and with confidence in Christ say, “Come Thou Fount of every blessing”. 

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