A Consequenceless sex; 21st Century’s Greatest Hoax!

Free sex, no consequence.

On Saturday 21st of November 2020, the 9 pm news report left me wondering about the  “leaders of tomorrow”. A group of teenagers had their rendezvous of coquetry and revelry aborted by the law enforcement officers. Hard drugs and used contraceptives were recovered from the wild party. In wanting sobriety, they were collected by the police like fish harvested by the deep sea fisherfolk. Most of them, not aware of the operation, had to wait till the hard questions were set in the station—how did you get here? —that most of them failed to answer. 

I felt this thing was not new to me. I had read it before. The American Youth had done it before. And the annals of time were too concerned to ignore it:

“During three days in August 1969 on a farm near Woodstock, New York, the youth of America declared the founding of the “Woodstock Nation”—the land of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. A huge crowd of 500,000 camped in a muddy meadow. There they wallowed in free sex, illegal drugs, and angry music.They got what they wanted. But did they want what they got? They wanted free sex. For a lifetime they got herpes, genital warts, PID, and a host of other STDs.”

—Bill Rudge, Overcoming Sexual Immorality, p. 22

This can be attributed to the sex revolution which broke in the 1960s in the land of freedom. America was the haven of peace to the proponents of sola scriptura. But the deans of debauchery also found it easy to practice their trade here. The pace having been set, the rest of the World seems to be following without a question. It seems there is an unwritten law which says, ‘If Americans find it cool, it is good enough.’ So it is free sex. It is an invite only affair. A wild party, and if nothing is done about it, it will soon be a new normal. Back then, it would make a harlot blush, but today it is everywhere and we are comfortable with it.

The demand for sex is too high, but the willingness to bear its consequence is diminishing. People want to engage and forget and move on as if nothing happened. 

I know there are a lot of books and talks about sex. I know there are a lot of presentations and research papers on the same. However, I want to regard all of them as commentators for a while. I’m going to have them on the sidewalk for  a little while for one simple reason: sex is not their idea. The gift of sexuality, like most other gifts is God’s idea, and intended for blessing to humanity. What was God’s idea about it? This is what the Bible first say about sex: 

Now Adam had sexual relations with his wife, Eve, and she became pregnant.

—NLT Genesis 4:1

The founding sexual relation brought forth life. It reveals how powerful it is. It is capable of creating another life. When God designed it, it was supposed to be a goal oriented activity. It was to bring about some evidence. If there is a case of inviability, it still does a work of building bonds between the man and a woman. God was not thinking about boys when He devised this arrangement, neither was He thinking of girls. This was a man and a woman business. So sexual relations as instituted by God, was not a consequenless act. 

What about those who tried running away from the results? What happened to the inventor of coitus interruptus? 

But Onan was not willing to have a child who would not be his own heir. So whenever he had intercourse with his brother’s wife, he spilled the semen on the ground. This prevented her from having a child who would belong to his brother. But the Lord considered it evil for Onan to deny a child to his dead brother. So the Lord took Onan’s life, too.

When Onan ran away from the Consequences of sexual relation, God demanded his life. He had to create space for more serious people. 

What do you think is God’s attitude towards efforts and research meant to have consequenless sexual relations? 

I don’t think He have options better than the one allowed to happen to Onan. If you are not ready for the principle of course and effect, please forget about the emotional ministry. If you are not willing to bond and be attached, please keep off. 

The World thinks sexual engagements result only in pregnancy and STDs, and so the efforts are only made towards preventing such manifestations. But did you know that ties and “metallic bonds” are built in the process? No contraceptive can prevent you from getting attached to a person who has harvested your emotional deposits. 

If sexual engagements do not bring life, bonding in a matrimonial home or growth, it will bring homicides, disease, premature death and broken families. It will bring children burdensome to the world. It will bring abuses and lack of moral strength to run away from the abuser. There is no such a thing as consequenceless sex. Done aright, it will bring happiness and peace, but if done with selfish motives, it will make the present life a little hell, and eventually get you ready for the real netherworld. 

When the world makes it look like you can do whatever you want and go scot free, you should realise that you have power of choice, but not the power to choose the consequences of your actions. A misuse of sexuality, will hamper its usefulness. 

This is one of those areas that must be acted upon based on the user manual given by the manufacturer—God Himself. You cannot be safe to things your own way, in this subject. 

“There are divinely appointed rules which, if observed, will keep human beings from disease and premature death…”

—Medical Ministry P. 49 

24 thoughts on “A Consequenceless sex; 21st Century’s Greatest Hoax!

  1. When it comes to immorality,,that’s the song of current generation,, every youth get into relationship for sexuality purposes not knowing the sole purpose and role of sex..And ad the trend leads,,even the little child knows what sex is…A world full of destruction,,How we pray that may God keep our morality…And again,, keeping morality is about one’s Principles..
    Thanks allot dad😊

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  2. Whatever the situation, do what is right and leave the consequences to God. But if you do what is wrong, God will surely leave the consequences to you!

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  3. True indeed , a very sensitive matter, and a weakness to many. May the LORD help us stay faithful even when the world around us renders His law and holy statutes invalid

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  4. It’s very true,indeed we need the saviour in our lives as ambassadors.At this generation,we decide things on our own without asking God if it’s right or wrong to do it.Thank you for the topic pastor.Amen🙏

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  5. For every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction (consequnce) .what goes around comes around, comes around.
    If only men could pause to think…

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