People Not fit for the Kingdom of God. Could you be One of Them?

Yoke of oxen

Now, this is disturbing. A thought that there are a people not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, is mind boggling and awesomely disturbing. What have they done? What have they not done? Is there anything they can do to change the narrative?
But who exactly are they?
“KJV Luke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
This verse makes more sense to those who have engaged in farmland activities. In preparing farmlands for planting, involves among others, ploughing with a yoke of oxen. Ploughing is a serious business and not just any ox can be employed. Specially trained oxen are used to do this great and honorable job.
The most important stage of this assignment is when doing the ground breaking, which acts as a yardstick for the subsequent operations. It must be done with precision, diligence and the exactitude of a Jewish Prophet. Any uncultured and uncalled for move, would interfere with the symmetry of the field and make the work multitudinous and redundant.
In your imagination, see a group of farmers in the farmland doing the ground breaking. They are two people. One is on the Plough and the other is driving the oxen with chant and glee. What can happen if the two keeps looking back every now and then? Chances of a wanting unproportional groundbreaking are so high.
Christ had an encounter with a lot of people who were willing to follow Him, but for some reason, were not ready because of the things they were still tied to which they wanted to do first before following the Lamb wherever He goes. One wanted to go bury their dead first while the other wanted to say goodbye to those dearest. All this they wanted to do before they could consider following Him. This ends with a warning we have seen in our anchor text.
What is the danger of looking back while on the Plough?
Looking back while on the Plough, is likened to delaying obedience. Following God demands more vigour and resolute action. It calls for immediate action. When you have decided to follow Him, when the call has been sent your way, don’t have more time with your favorite chilling spot. Any more time spent on the valley of decision, could create room for spiritual doom loop.
The appeal is simple. When you’ve placed your hands on the Plough, focus. Don’t gaze on the sidewalk or on the things past. Focus ahead and prepare for the next challenge that comes ahead. For those who want to follow God and still attend their cozy and convivial engagements, you must raise your guards. A moment spent on any other duty, could be a bait trap and may make you change your mind about heaven and eternity. So today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart.

It is unsafe to delay obedience. You may never hear the invitation again.

– Christ’s Object Lessons 280.4

31 thoughts on “People Not fit for the Kingdom of God. Could you be One of Them?

  1. May we harken to His voice… And leave aside everything and follow him…. In him there’s satisfaction.. Thanks for this… You keep on adding value to our Christian walk🙏

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      1. It’s amazing let’s all be ready at all time…be ready to commit to his work because we don’t know the time nor hour ..let’s all be preparing ourselves and we be men and women that God can count on..

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  2. Amen
    Thank for thank you for wonderful words to heart. One thing i can’t forget that av learned is Focus in God’s work. Most of time we tend to delay and give excuses to failure to work and give expected results in our lives.

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