Hold on! Cheer up! the best is coming.

A head of you may be the Red Sea

And roundabout Mountains you see

The Egyptian army is coming for you in a hot pursuit

The terrible bloodhounds advancing for you in matching suit

But the same Sea which allows you pass

 To them may prove an impasse

It May be so painful that you wanna cry

But what if you give it a try

For yonder Marah is nigh

With bitterness so high

Beyond Marah Elim is awaiting

With her twelve wells you greeting

The tribes of the desert may be so cruel

That you don’t see yourself winning the duel

The Amalekites drawing too near

Spares not those you hold dear 

The Amorites like wild hornets

May be flying like celestial comets

The Moabites may have called Balaam for hire

To reduce you with his charms to a dunghill and mire

Even further awaits the sensuous Jordan valley

Hub of tempting sounds as you run yourself Jolly

But ahead of these, Canaan is waving

Its vintage sempiternal and life giving

On Pisgah’s lofty grandeur the destiny could be decided

But Michael shall stand and safely to the city you’ll be guided

So cheer up! Hold on! The best acoming.

18 thoughts on “THE BEST ACOMING

  1. Wow…. The best is Jesus is yet to come… So encouraging…. I don’t have to live in fear, I don’t have to worry, I only have to be still…. The best is coming 👌

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