The Devil Do Not Use a Tea Spoon

The Devil Do Not Use a Tea Spoon

big Spoon

I one day saw a joke of someone literally punishing gate crushers. He had a couple of friends  invade his dinner table, and while he was using a Spoon as an implement of consumption, his friends were given picks. Imagine picking a solitary grain of rice while someone is shovelling it with a serving spoon? 😂😂

I don’t think the director of the comedy wasted words, on the contrary he nailed it. The World as it is, presents to us a lot of issues of unfairness and injustice. There are some of us born with prevailing factors around them that puts them at points of almost unconquerable battle against pauperism. Others on the other hand, have inherited generations of “promised land” and they have a bulwark against want. 

So what is the root of all these unevenness? Is it education, politics, exposure or heredity? While a lot of factors may contribute to negatively skewed society, the only right answer in most cases is sin, either directly or indirectly. And sin is funded by its legislator, the devil.  Most of us Don’t understand the Fact that the devil does not waste time with people under his influence. One of the Worst things you can do to yourself is to give the devil a chance in your life even for one hour. You see the devil is intemperate and will eat you up with a serving spoon. You give him one week in your life, and he will do a decade’s work in your life.  It is a very dangerous thing to imagine that the devil is a gentleman. It is dangerous and potentially catastrophic to imagine that the devil observes His dining table manners. He adds sugar into his tea cup not with a teaspoon, but a serving spoon. Why then are Most of us trusting him with our tin of honey? Are we not committing suicide by entertaining him in our romantic lives? Are we not driving too close to the precipice, by allowing him in our business plans? 

Man created by God, must be connected with God, not most of the times, but all of the times.  A minute of wonder into the forbidden ground is too much time away from God. And the devil really maximises such opportunities to stamp his deformed temperament upon the soul with passion put to use. It is dangerous to assume that you can  be buddies with the devil and run away just any time you want. Moral principle is extremely weak when it conflicts established habits.  With this knowledge, you can be well aware of the danger of presumption.  Don’t think that you can refuse to yield to the devil just when you are not satisfied with the deal.  

The struggle of people in sinful indulgence which they themselves hate, the seemingly unbreakable addictions, the continuous repetition of the same folly, is an evidence of the fact that sin is a dangerous Contagion. This is the secret to Victorious living.  Don’t yield the will power to the devil. Whoever controls your will, is your master.

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