Thrilled to Death

Thrilled to Death.


Thrilled to death. Yea, death you abhor and will fight even when it Means clinging to a Life Support System. On the Contrary More than ever before an overwhelming majority are thrilled to death. Meme Lords and Merchants Must be the next group of billionaires just in case they are getting value for their creativity. This is not about memes, We all have a sense of humour and  it’s necessary in this life and aids those with communication problems.  

But could we be going slightly overboard?

Today we have people whose daily routine is to wake up, go through social media to view memes, eat, view memes, eat,view memes,  eat again and call it a day. Somebody is in ICU, but the meme Lords are thinking how to create a wave of fun out of it. There’s a strike and the soldiers are unleashed on the public but we find how to make it a laughing matter. There’s a  terrible and fatal accident, but the meme Lords are in the industry looking for something odd that can go viral over social media. At the heat of a pandemic, we find how to laugh it out instead of spending time in the lab trying the possible solutions. And it has affected our concentration Span. You drop an important piece of thought on your timeline, tag thirty people, And you end up with five likes, but when you have something odd and humorous everyone wants you to share with them. It seems our reactive attention system is overdeveloped while our focused attention system is suffering underdevelopment. 

While Noah was busy preaching the present truth of His time—repent and get into the Ark—meme merchants could have found rich raw materials for the industry. Look at the Christ on the Cross, with the excruciating agony, but I’m having wild imagination that it could be an opportunity to create a wave of laughter as we do today with very serious issues. I’m not saying that we’re heartless, but we sometimes want to laugh at situations which demand our tears.  Someone is angry, but you see 😂😂 and you marvel at their resilience. 

When there are compelling signs of the times, We are not warned by them because of the perspective we’ve taken. While the health department is giving updates we think of how to create memes out of their demeanour or speech. We are laughing out loud at Crisis instead of heeding the warning. This could be dangerous. By this continuous indifference, We may end up with a disturbing testimony, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved”.

“If it makes you happy it’s good enough ” mentality is never safe. You must be happy but please don’t be thrilled to death. 

11 thoughts on “Thrilled to Death

  1. A call to self examination …solemn , sobering and sincere message glory be to God for this wonderful testimony …even so amen and amen

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  2. My Elder , as I am reading this post for the second time , a thought came unto my mind , could it be that Satan has devised and improvised the “eating , drinking , and giving in marriages ” in order to steal peoples love and make it wax low that even the sympathetic issues we could not feel as sense ?

    Any way this post caught me so much .


  3. I mean the Satan brings memes into industry to captivate our minds to pleasure and making of fans unto things we need not to make fan of .

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  4. This got me thinking…. It is really sad that we’re losing track of the essentials and putting much of our effort in non-essential stuff…
    Good piece brother👌

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