God Is Making X the Subject of the Formula.

God Is Making X the Subject of the Formula. When changing the subject of a formula, we rearrange the formula so that we have a different subject. In other words, if you move a term from one side of the equals sign to the other, change the operation to do the opposite. (The opposite of […]

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The Bible is Not a Museum

The Bible is Not a Museum The Bible is not a museum, Where we look at the life of its characters like a piece art and walk away, But whatever was written is there for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world has come. The Bible is not a museum,  Where we  look […]

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God is Not a Motivational Speaker!

God is Not a Motivational Speaker! Motivation is power. Ceteris Paribus, no company can outperform that company whose employees are motivated to give their best.  Most successful people in all fronts are a product of empowerment. To provide someone with an incentive to do something, will effectively catapult them to achieve greatest results than in […]

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Thrilled to Death

Thrilled to Death. Thrilled to death. Yea, death you abhor and will fight even when it Means clinging to a Life Support System. On the Contrary More than ever before an overwhelming majority are thrilled to death. Meme Lords and Merchants Must be the next group of billionaires just in case they are getting value […]

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HE PRAYED FOR YOU. To many of us when we hear the term, “The Lord’s Prayer” we are more often than not drawn to the phrase, “Our Father who art in Heaven”. Christ taught His disciples how to Pray, but that is not the Lord’s Prayer. He was giving a model prayer that should guide […]



Who Created the Devil? Concerning the existence of evil in the World, many people have a lot of opinions to put across. A lot of people associate evil with the devil. But there are some who believe that the issues about the existence of the devil is at most a fairy tale. I think the […]