I’m tired of Myself

I’m Tired of Myself

Self is not your saviour

I’m tired of myself,

of the trifling commitment and walk,

Walking with God for a few days and then with self same duration,

How long will it be a tit for tat?

I’m tired of myself,

Listening to the opinions of unsanctified heart,

Yet the truth of God’s word is generously within my reach,

I’m I deleting these words from the sacred books, “We walk by faith and not sight.”

I’m tired of myself,

Walking on water at the command of God,

Then easily surging at boisterous waves, forgetting that it took God’s word for me to thus walk.

I’m tired of myself,

Measuring my spirituality with all that I can do for myself and not what Christ has done for me, 

And yet it’s clear that self is not my saviour.

I’m tired of myself,

I trust in the hand of providence when all I need is within my reach, 

But wallow in unbelief when I cannot figure out Where my next meal will come from,

Why should I be afraid of the future, while His past faithfulness are legible in my life?

I’m tired of myself,

Testing the stability of my faith with my feelings,

Yet it’s evident that feelings are unstable and impulsive,

Is the sure WORD of GOD available in vain?

I’m tired of myself,

For self seek independence of GOD in pursuit of pleasure,

But why pursue hedonism yet there is a GOD sized void in me that only Him can fill?

Are you tired of self? There’s hope in the sure WORD of GOD. 

 While you are beholding self, while this is the theme of thought and conversation, you cannot expect to be conformed to the image of Christ. Self is not your savior. ➖To Be Like Jesus 354.6

11 thoughts on “I’m tired of Myself

  1. A message solemnized here and indeed sobering and worth pondering upon .I thank God for the great work you are doing .May the holy name of God be glorified …Even so ,Amen

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