George Floyd’s Death is Not an issue of Blacks vs Whites.

George Floyd’s Death is Not an issue of Blacks vs Whites.

Protests against death of George Floyd.

On May 25th,2020 the world witnessed the painful death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin. As expected a public response  in the form of a backlash, demonstrations and destruction followed in a hot pursuit. Why would he do that? Why would a human ignore the last appeal of a perishing man, “I cant breath!”  Is it because the man was black? You could be black too, has this been done to you? Maybe the policeman did it because He was white. You could be white too, is this how you deal with those you think are not on the right? 

Placards have gone around with a lot of writings; including, ” black Lives Matter”. What about the lives of the mongoloids and the Caucasians? Do they matter also? Or we could be applauded as just and humanitarian if we exterminate and anathematize them? What harm will it bring if instead our placard read, “Everyone’s life Matter”? 

In the public response to the apparent injustice done to Floyd, Blacks and Whites have been seen together in their demonstration regalia. Both blacks and white have been raising a voice against police brutality.  Both blacks and whites have been “looting and exacerbating the inferno of disappointment”. Is it a matter of blacks and whites? 

Reports on the character of Derek Chauvin, depicts a caustic fellow who is not known for any benevolence. He has no record of kindness, but of a negative testosterone crazed buffoonish behaviour. Sorry for those strong terms. He therefore awaits a trial, being accused of third-degree murder, second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Now, this is an issue of temperament. The race and skin tone has little influence here. The Wants of many have been met by both whites and blacks. We’ve seen foundations like the MasterCard, reaching out to the vulnerable but academically gifted African, giving them a chance to unlock their potentials. USAID, UKAID and others, have been equally in the Frontline to provide educational aid to the black child. It almost seems that they have a secret motto, “The lives of a black child matter!”

Also we can’t ignore those issues of choler and bigotry, of sabotage and segregation in History. As slaves Africans could have suffered in the hands of whites. Sometimes there’s what seems like deliberate efforts to put down someone because of the melanin concentration. But in all these, we will be doing great harm to our World if we make a hasty generalisation, of blacks vs whites. 

2019 and 2020 have seen a lot of uprising and unrest globally. In Kenya, there’s been demonstration about Police brutality and torture. In the Latin-America, South Africa, Nigeria , Arab world there’ve been some public demos in the recent past.In fact 47 countries have recorded a surge in civil unrest in 2020. 

The case of Floyd, the big George of Houston, is revealing something deep. The suggested race issues is just but an avenue to express it. Police brutality is just but a channel to express it.These people are employed to protect the public, How could they behave like the Tuaregs who stopped leading Trans Saharan traders and instead became the attackers themselves? The Blatant refusal to yield to court orders by the Heads of States, Forceful onslaughts and eviction from positions , sempiternal strikes and trade wars, global tensions among others, are we not lying to ourselves if we summarise all these in a placard, “Blacks lives matter”. 

The love of many is literally growing cold. The Painful case of George Floyd’s death, reveals derelict hearts and human beings devoid of the divine love originally given to man. 

So what’s Happening?  

Troublous Times Right Upon Us!

After these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. Revelation 7:1.

Four mighty angels are still holding the four winds of the earth. Terrible destruction is forbidden to come in full. The … winds will be the stirring up of the nations to one deadly combat, while the angels hold the four winds, forbidding the terrible power of Satan to be exercised in its fury until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. 

The signs of the times give evidence that the judgments of heaven are being poured out, that the day of the Lord is at hand. The daily papers are full of indications of an intense conflict in the future. Bold robberies are of frequent occurrence. Strikes are common. Thefts and murders are committed on every hand. Men possessed by demons are taking the lives of men, women, and little children. All these things testify that the Lord’s coming is near. 

The restraining Spirit of God is even now being withdrawn from the world. Hurricanes, storms, tempests, disasters by sea and by land, follow one another in quick succession. The signs thickening around us, telling of the near approach of the Son of God, are attributed to any other than the true cause…

The time is right upon us when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal. Even before the last great destruction comes upon the world, the flattering monuments of man’s greatness will be crumbled in the dust. God’s retributive judgments will fall on those who in the face of great light have continued in sin. Costly buildings, supposed to be fireproof, are erected. But as Sodom perished in the flames of God’s vengeance, so will these proud structures become ashes. I have seen vessels which cost immense sums of money wrestling with the mighty ocean, seeking to breast the angry billows. But with all their treasures of gold and silver, and with all their human freight, they sank into a watery grave…. But amid the tumult of excitement, with confusion in every place, there is a work to be done for God in the world. ⚊Maranatha  175

It’s a war between light and darkness, truth and error, right and wrong, life and death and ultimately you must decide. By your fruits, we will know you!

20 thoughts on “George Floyd’s Death is Not an issue of Blacks vs Whites.

  1. Wonderful. Perilous times indeed. Is this the greatest sedation ever perpetrated in history? The devil has got the whole world complacent and distracted in little things, so that he can walk around freely without anyone ever raising a finger. Time for God’s servants to stand like the brave.

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