Neither Do I condemn you; Go and Sin no More

Neither Do I condemn you; Go and Sin no More There is too much condemnation around us. The eye witnesses are ready and steady, waiting to narrate our sinful tendencies. Those who caught us right in the act are standing at the judgement booth waiting for their turn to wash our dirty linen in public. […]

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A Song for the Sinners.

A song for the Sinners Are you a sinner? The only thing you need to be a sinner is to be born. It’s carnal nature that produces babies. Being born in this world you are naturally anti-God. And when we get the knowledge of good and evil it’s even more unbearable to come to the […]

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When Are You Doing the Assignments?

When Are You Doing the Assignments? The life of a student is marked with assignments which in most cases have well stated due dates. Research or experience suggests that most students usually do their assignmentsy, a day to the due date. This is not unique to the academic world. Observed occurrences would give us the […]

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Drop the Outer Court Mentality!

Drop The Courtyard Mentality Salvation is the great need of every soul. If you are suffering from the merciless and gnawing pangs of hunger, probably a morsel of bread could be a saviour to you. If you’re at the mercy of a creditor with bankruptcy hewning your last treasure, a grant could be to you […]

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I’m tired of Myself

I’m Tired of Myself I’m tired of myself, of the trifling commitment and walk, Walking with God for a few days and then with self same duration, How long will it be a tit for tat? I’m tired of myself, Listening to the opinions of unsanctified heart, Yet the truth of God’s word is generously […]

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