Screenshot_20200513-102803I’VE BEEN HURT

I’ve been hurt,

Because I had my affections on the things of this World, 

But I could not serve God and them still hold, 

I had to decide whether to cling on them or unto God behold. 


I’ve been hurt,

For all my business made a negative sway,

All my burns seemed to be blown far and far away, 

I must decide whether or not I will give God the way. 


I’ve been hurt,

Because I have been asked to get ready to meet my God,

But Inwardly I feel I need more time to gather my gold?

I must decide now or I will be qualifying for oxgoad.


I’ve  been hurt,

Because I have been asked to sever my ungodly relationship,

But I think my happiness is complete in this situationship, 

I must decide who controls my discipleship.


I’ve been hurt,

Because I’ve been locked down in the tenement,

But I want to run out and look for familiar entertainment,

I must decide who is in charge of my movement.


I’ve been hurt,

Because I cannot build my GPA anymore,

But must read the Bible to understand the prophecies more,

I must decide where my future is, I must falter on the crossroads no more.


I’ve been hurt,

Because I’ve seen the fulfilment of prophecies,

The final movements rapid as they are are threatening my inconsistencies,

I must decide how I’m going to treat the divine courtesies.


Many people are hurt when they hear that Christ is coming soon. Our plans are meant to make us more comfortable in this sin-sick sin-soaked world. 

While God’s message is that we occupy till He comes, we seem willing to occupy beyond is coming. We seem to want to remain in the Word after Christ has come as Tycoons and Feudal Lords.  

Are You Ready to Let Go of the things of this WORLD? 


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