The Resurrection Morning


While keeping the watch one morning, 

I found myself jogging, 

The weather was nothing less than chilling cold, 

Of its baleful venturesome effects, I was yet to be told. 

I did my laps religiously, 

The numbers I counted conscientiously, 

Little did I realize that I was going extreme,

Letting my calories to downward stream.

The pulse rate escalated high, 

My passing out drew nigh,

But like a knight of the post,

I ignored the probable cost. 

Spontaneously I fell backwards 

Literally  staking myself netherworlds 

The breath of life I regained, 

And my flow of thoughts I retained,

Where’s her whom my eyes love beholding? 

The one whom my thoughts love withholding, 

Pondering on the thought later 

An intriguing thought got better

How will it be on the resurrection morning? 

To many, ‘twill be a time of mourning!

Walking up to resume the flow of thoughts again, 

What then will you gain? 

The good deeds now wrought, 

Maybe then unwrought! 

Do what you can now for perpetuity, 

So that you can gain eternity. 

2 thoughts on “The Resurrection Morning

  1. Great piece. Got me thinking, how soon will my life end. As optimistic as I would like to be, clearly life is terminal. I would want to pay the price for the sake of eternity.

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