Why are you Alone?

Why are you Alone?


KJV Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

In the World Pristine and perfect, marked with unclouded and meridian splendour from the creator’s hand, thère was but one discordant note; a lonesome man. God saw everything that He had created and behold it was very good, but man without another of equal nature to love and to Cherish, was not good enough. 


Like most of your fellow readers you could be in danger of hasty generalisation, based on the above topic. Come slow and let’s unpack the peril of Loneliness. 


Man in his primitive estate from the creator’s hand was a social being. God did not fashion man in such a way as to enjoy being a loner. No wonder He could always carry out a visitation in the cool of the Day.


So How Dangerous Could it be to be on our own? Why should we sever Loneliness?


  • The Fall of Man


Eve was made to realize that her safety was assured in close proximity with her husband, Adam. Walking alone, the tempter found her and twisted her mind. and we are in the mess we are in today. You hate me, and if asked why, you can’t even explain, it’s because of a single lonesome venture of sister Eve. Most grievous sins, most besetting sins are practised in secrecy. You should be aware that the angels are around you so that you can be afraid to take sin. Loneliness incubates and harbours sin.


  • The Course of King David.


If there’s a person who can testify of the power of friendship it’s the son of Jesse. Exposed to the wrath of a demoniac; Son of Kish and the first King of Israel. His life was at stake. He attracted the powerful friendship of Jonathan the potential king in His father’s stead, as Israel was a Monarchical state. Because of this friendship, he received relevant safety signals of the Kings sinister schemes. David also won pure love from Michal, the daughter of his enemy, and the frequency of his safety signals strengthened? Why are you alone?



  • The three ancient Seventh-Day Adventists in the University of Babylon.


Taken to Babylonian Captivity while merely youths, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were exposed to temptations which more often than not, overcame the millennials. The pomp and glee of the Chaldeans was not different from all the forbidden grounds of our contemporary society. Many of us will sit on the easy chair of the enemy and say that there’s nothing I can do. The indulgence of appetite which lies at the foundation of  all moral evils known to man, they defied and were placed on a higher pedestal to resist false worship. The Hebrew quartet proved true to God because they were united in purpose. What if everyone went his own way? Chances are high that the world could have been deprived of their testimony, which with reverberating tones will stand forever as a standing rebuke to the transgressors of God’s law.


Christ the redeemer of the World had twelve apostles and a nobler triad he made His inner circle. While sending them on a mission, He sent them two by two. Apostle Paul, the champion of missions and evangelism often paired up with either Barnabas, Silas or Timothy. Why are you alone?


The Matrimonial Perspective 


This could be the part you were waiting for. God saw that Adam was alone and He solved it creating a damsel, that made Adam a poet, “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” he said. Matrimonial relationship could be a real deal. In fact it is divine. 


Adam, a man who had done his work of naming the animals and tending the garden, a man who enjoyed communion with God in the cool of the Day, a man who was busy in the Ministry to the entire creation, earned the complement of God, “It is not good for a man to be alone”


So it is clear which man should not be alone.  it’s not any man. A man who is busy doing what God has proposed him to do, a man who enjoys communion with God and a man who is so busy in the Ministry to whoever needs his efforts.  Are you that man? 


Remember it was God and not Adam, who realised that Adam needed a companion. Has God said the same with you in mind, or you’re being presumptuous like the Egyptians who dared cross the Red Sea when God did not ask it of them to cross? The results of such ventures are clear.  Don’t be an Egyptian, doing what God did not command you to do.


Again it is clear to underscore the fact that Adam was alone but not lonely. Are You alone and lonely? You probably need God not a wife.  No human being can fulfill the void in a man’s heart. Let Christ in before you let Eve in. You must develop the capacity to enjoy your own company before you enjoy other people’s company. You must bring your whole not a half.


In conclusion, we should always realize that it is perilous to be a loner. You need to be in the company of others. The safest place for any Christian is the company of other Christians who shares the same mission and zeal. The  state of the World as it is now, and in the coming days not weeks, may demand a United effort of the sons of light. We must press together to encourage one another to trim their Lamps as we approach the Darkest hours of the earth’s long night.


 Why are you Single handed? Why are you ALONE? I Need you, you need me, they need you, you need them. 


Stay tuned for my next publication: “Discord in the Graveyard!”

23 thoughts on “Why are you Alone?

  1. Nice read, I was almost going to add but through the patience I had to go through the article I found out you pointed it out. Now we have the message, now it’s time to be transformed
    With obedience comes transformation

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  2. Great piece 😂😂how I wish many read this article,”you must be able to enjoy your own company”…you probably need God not a wife or husband… nice piece brother Ossie for quarantine season.

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