When God Disobeyed the Law of Demand

When God Disobeyed the Law of Demand.


The law of demand states that other factors being constant (ceteris paribus), price and quantity demand of any good and service are inversely related to each other. When the price of a product increases, the demand for the same product will fall and when demand increases, the price rises.

The logic is simply that in events of widespread scarcity of a product, the merchants with a knowledge that there is increased demand, can increase the price of the product and make windfall profits. The speculators in the economic world do hoard during times of abundance and sell exorbitantly in times of wants. Now with no background in economics, you can continue with this write-up with full confidence. In fact you don’t need a degree in economics to understand the law of demand, just study trends in your local market and see all these. Economics as a social science, basically describes human behaviour.

Now the law of demand is not a moral law. It’s more of a matter of taste and preference, and not principle. Morality may have a different view on the law of demand and the way people respond to the periods of scarcity. In fact in economics, we have goods that effectively defy this law. Technically referred to as Giffen, Veblen and Inferior goods. This is to vindicate God on His action which was discordant with the law of demand.

God is perfect in all his acts. God cannot, does not need to and will not repent. This is not out of defiance and obstinacy as we do here, no never. The reason why God doesn’t need to repent, is because all His first attempts are correct. When He does it the first time, He does it the right way. The claim that God should feel sorry for disobeying the law of demand is itself non-sequitur.

But How, when, why and for whom did God disobey the law of demand? 

If there’s a problem that has ever demanded too much from us, if there’s a problem that has pushed us to the point of utter bankruptcy, it is the sin problem. 

Now why is sin so expensive?  What is the due reward for the  sinner? 

KJV Ezekiel 18:4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

When justice is exercised, a sinner should die. No wonder sinners do not need justice but grace in their justification process. 

Now because no one is without sin, sin demands the life of us all. Sin demands my life and sin demands your life. Now because sin is transgression of the law, not the law of land but the law of Universe, only one like God, could pay a valid ransom for the sinner. 

How expensive is the sin problem? As expensive as God is. How exorbitant is God? God is immortal, omniscient, omnipotent and the list is endless. All the good and virtuous attributes originate from God. Sin demands not the life of a good man, but the very life of God. When sin abounds, God’s life is put at stake. And the sinner is even more jeopardized. 

Man thought they could pay the price of sin by good works, and all have been disappointed at the futility of their attempts. Many have tried to solve the sin problem through education and scholarly pursuits, but education and aptitude have made them but smart sinners. Many have tried to solve the sin problem through inventions but they are even more doomed after spending uncountable hours in their incubators.  Some have tried solving it by claiming that the law was abolished, and that we can do anything we like, and we can see its results in lawlessness and mystery of iniquity abounding. Some have tried solving it through the confessional and purgatory, but no real satisfaction as guilt is still pinning them down as they realise the gravity of their impunity. Some have tried solving it through outright disobedience in attempts to sear their consciences, but we have seen their unpopular agony, imbecility and suicides. By the way, how are you trying to solve your sin problem?

At Calvary we see how terrible sin is. At  Calvary we see the real price of sin. The son of God hanging between two felons and being subjected to torture and all sorts of ignominy that the carnal nature can invent. God agonized with His son on the cross to make the salvation available for us all. All that Christ faced from His arrest to death on Calvary is due to a sinner if justice is exercised.  But God paid it for us…

Salvation, the commodity that was demanded by all sinners, God purchased at His own life. 

Now the law of demand if  applied, God should demand a fortune from us. But God disobeyed the law of demand.  When the demand for Salvation increased ( a global demand)God did not increase the price. Everyone can afford it. In fact they who think they deserve it cannot afford it. It is dedicated to the broke and bankrupt.  It is available for all who will accept it. The price is only acceptance. If there’s anything you need to give up in return(opportunity cost), they are those things you don’t need. There is absolutely nothing you need which God Will ask you to give up in order to accept Christ.  


Heaven is Cheap Enough!

When a sinful man can discern the inexpressible love of God in giving his Son to die upon the cross, we shall better understand that it is an infinite gain to overcome as Christ overcame. And we shall understand that it is eternal loss if we gain the whole world, with all its pleasure and glory, and yet lose the soul. Heaven is cheap enough at any cost.  – Review and Herald, March 18, 1875

Many would be followers of Christ if He would come down from the cross and appear to them in such a manner as they desire. If He would come with riches and pleasure, many would receive Him gladly and would be in haste to crown Him Lord of all. If He would only lay aside His humiliation and sufferings and cry, “If any man will come after Me, let him please himself and enjoy the world and he shall be My disciple,” multitudes would believe in Him. But the blessed Jesus will come to us in no other character than the meek and lowly Crucified One. We must partake of His self-denial and suffering here if we would take the crown hereafter…Our High Calling  288


But none will enter Heaven but by the same path of humiliation, self-sacrifice, and cross-bearing, that the Saviour trod. Only those who are willing to sacrifice all for eternal life will have it, but it will be worth suffering for, worth crucifying self and sacrificing every idol for. –Our High Calling 189.5


If you fail to acquire salvation it’s because you have refused the greatest offer ever seen. Will you accept it today?

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