The Power of Home Evangelism.

Family Seasons and Relationships 


Theme: The Power of Home Evangelism. 

KJV Genesis 18

17 And the Lord said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do;

18 seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?

19 For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.


 With many people, evangelism is an activity that is to be carried far and wide.  It’s evangelism if and only if, money is spent and vast geographical coverage is traversed.  It’s evangelism only when missionary effort is carried out in the manner of David Livingstone, and other explo-missionaries. I don’t have any problem with this, for some of us can talk about God today because of such efforts. But I have a problem with a mental orientation that suggests that evangelism must necessarily involve distance and gathering. 


Such an idea about mission has robbed us of a foundational field, whose impact is immeasurable. A neglect of this vital ground is responsible for the ever-increasing teenage delinquency, and in places where it has been considered, the World has seen its auspicious possibilities.

I’m talking about households if you still wondering which field I’m talking about. 

 See this wonderful and mind-boggling quotation

On the day of final reckoning fathers and mothers … will be asked what they did and said to secure the salvation of the souls they took upon themselves the responsibility of bringing into the world. Did they neglect their lambs, leaving them to the care of strangers? … A great good done for others will not cancel the debt you owe to God to care for your children. The spiritual welfare of your family comes first. ~Our Father Cares 34.3


So why must we be keen on Home Evangelism?



  • Evangeliving 


What we preach does not always have greater influence than what we actually do. We can preach ten thousand sermons on temperance and modesty, but people will learn more from our abstemious life and meticulous deportment.  What we say is given life by what we do. Anytime you claim to be a Christian, unbelievers have a right to expect christ likeness in you. When you ask others to do as you say and not as you do, you are a confusing teacher, and you should give up the position of teacher and be enrolled as a student. It’s in the home where we can live a life that serves as a sermon in shoes. 



  • Evidence of Christianity 


It’s easy to walk softly in the Sanctuary and keep a song in the heart while in the  community of believers. It’s easy to keep the Morning watch and open our Bibles Properly while favoured by a co-operate faith, but this doesn’t prove us Christians. There are many active church leaders and members with broken and leaking family altars.The greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well-ordered, well-disciplined family. This will recommend the truth as nothing else can, for it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart.”

~Adventist Home 32.2



  • The Power of Influence


The societal formation is such that we cannot live without casting an influence over others. There are many people who will be in heaven because of the influence of others in their lives.  If the previous statement is true, then it goes without saying that a will be in hell because of influence. Which kind of influence are you exerting? Could it be, that by your behaviour people are emboldened in ribaldry pursuits? 


The society today is dealing with a lot of recurrent issues and bewildering moral decadence. Teenage pregnancies, 

leadership wrangles in the Church, outright corruption and poor governance. All these have their roots in broken family altars. Maybe Someone else puts it better: “The influence of an ill-regulated family is widespread, and disastrous to all society. It accumulates in a tide of evil that affects families, communities, and governments.” ~Adventist Home 33.3


Moses proved undaunted when exposed to the temporal prosperity and the glorious pomp of Egypt, because of the few years in the hands of a God-fearing mother, Jochebed. Joseph defied the coquettery of Potiphar’s wife and chose imprisonment rather than sin against  God because of the influence of a Godly father, Israel.


Home is the foundation of all good influence or bad influence often seen in the society. “

A soul saved in your own family circle or in your own neighborhood, by your patient, painstaking labor, will bring as much honor to the name of Christ, and will shine as brightly in your crown as if you had found that soul in China or India.” ~Our Father Cares 35.1″


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