Why You Must Not Fear Covid-19.



The Corona Virus virant form, (Covid -19), has arrested the entire third planet.  It’s not a question of less developed countries (LDCs) this time round. The most flamboyant European Economies as well as the Africa’s developing and almost a relic of the past, third World economies  are equally perturbed.  It’s not a question of the Rich against the poor; it’s not a question of Black versus White.It’s threatening everyone everywhere. 

When it broke out in China we hushed it as an endemic pestilence to Wuhan. But like a wild bush fire it has gone beyond epidemic, it’s now a pandemic and the new global bully. It’s tantrum and grimace have been felt across the continents as if by a continental drift.

Well,  those are global realities which we do well to underscore. we cannot pretend it’s not  here with us, or you would not continue reading this piece.We cannot solve anything by wishing it away and assuming its existence.  That will be detrimental and potentially Catastrophic. 

The menacing realities notwithstanding, I am here to tell you that you must not fear Covid -19.  Here are the reasons why:


  • There is Something Worse than Covid-19.


Someone needs to know that this virus is not the most dangerous thing on the earth. There is more to fear than CoronaVirus.  Please preserve your fear for greater things. “Avoid misusing your fear”. Sin will kill you twice Covid-19 can only deny you temporal life. Sin will ensure You don’t go to Heaven.You better fear your corrupt deals and inconsistent lifestyle.  It is more of a menace than the virus. 


  • Worry Weakens Your Immunity 


 Nothing affects the human frame more than what is entertained long enough in the mind. As Gould Harmon Writes, “Disease is sometimes produced and is often greatly aggravated by the imagination. Many are lifelong invalids who might be well if they only thought so. Many imagine that every slight exposure will cause illness, and the evil effect is produced because it is expected. Many die from disease the cause of which is wholly imaginary.—The Ministry of Healing, 241 (1905). 2MCP 588.1″



  • Worry Interferes With Your Priority 


The thing you dearly worry about, takes most of your energy. A student worried  about graduating magna cum laude at the top of his class will Work it out. Life is not all about CoronaVirus.  We still have family to take care of . We have relationships to build and a hope of a post covid-19 World. If we cannot save lives, let’s save livelihoods. Let’s continue working out our resolutions. 2020 Can still be your year 😋😊. 



  • Cowardice is a Vice


When we think of the World to come,  it’s possible to entertain some Forebodings depending on the way we are living now. “Is your name written there?” Could be a bit disturbing.  But we are sure of those who will not be there. In the same pool with the Sorcerers, unclean and Liars, we find the cowardly, ripe for retribution. Worrying about Known or unknown could make it easier for you to gain eternal loss. The fearful cannot face the stake and gain martyrdom for truth. An angsthase cannot live the truth he believes and will instead betray the faithfuls.


So what am I saying? Some careless reader will interpret this as encouraging indifference to the current pandemic. That is teaching for doctrines the traditions of men. Can you be on the watch without  necessarily being worried? I know this is not too much.  

See you in the post-covid-19 WORLD. 

3 thoughts on “Why You Must Not Fear Covid-19.

  1. Wonderful piece and well thought out.
    At first when the novel virus made it’s presence known in this land of Kenya, I was scared stiff, thinking it is some deadly weapon which is attacking innocent people.
    But then after reading on it and seeing clips associated with it, it all boiled down to immunity. Also, a principle known as NEWSTART, that is the acronym of Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, fresh Air, Rest and Trust in God, has a great effect in boosting our immunity so there’s no cause for fear in something that the principle can solve it. There’s something more to tea than COVID-19.


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