Alone in the LoveLane


I woke up in the early hours of the morning,  Gave thanks to the creator of the Heavens and earth,  Sanctified my garments and apartments, Then left for my journey lest I be harassed by the schedule,

My heart and mind said I was forgetting something,  I had said nothing to the charming princess, Trying to reach her I had a replica of the Great Disappointment. 

Don’t worry the intuition consoled me,  You may listen to her melodious voice at midday,  I got into the old-metallic monster and harnessed the solemnity of the moment.

I withstood the test of time.  A step into the home of scholars triggered another feeling,  ‘Twas obviously nostalgic. A highway we had often walked together was now a loners path.

With steady and stable strides I  matched the highway of love.  She had called it the Love-lane, I dared not negate. I  whimsically felt her presence about me and I was in the best mood. Reaching my Lion,  she slowly left me like a pacifier. I got myself in duty. 

That which was within my power was done, All that remained was seeing my Banyan,  Sadly his meeting turned to perpetuity, But time proved powerful.  Alas! He was out, O the same time limited my mission. It couldn’t be closed diurnal. I had to withstand the night  in the Lion. 

Trudging slowly at dusk I found myself in the Love-lane, O let me tell my darling of my whereabouts,  I could not reach her yet again! O the lonely beautiful silent lane! ‘Twas my own.

A familiar voice from behind like a mind reader asked me a coinciding question,  “Ere Jaherani?” “She’s preaching the everlasting gospel” I replied not knowing him. “She’s a gift from God, don’t open your eyes again”, Spontaneously my heart felt her presence,  And virtually I gathered my Jasper in my arms. 

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