Why You Must Not Fear Covid-19.

  The Corona Virus virant form, (Covid -19), has arrested the entire third planet.  It’s not a question of less developed countries (LDCs) this time round. The most flamboyant European Economies as well as the Africa’s developing and almost a relic of the past, third World economies  are equally perturbed.  It’s not a question of […]

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A Love Ordeal!

In my usual rounds to the sanctuary  I saw her seated behind the scholarly table, In front of her; books that apologize not to ignorance,  She must be a colporteur I concluded. Her silence eloquently attracted me to her-wards,  I confidently and correctly used my experience in lower grade English class, I introduced myself, thus […]

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Alone in the LoveLane

I woke up in the early hours of the morning,  Gave thanks to the creator of the Heavens and earth,  Sanctified my garments and apartments, Then left for my journey lest I be harassed by the schedule, My heart and mind said I was forgetting something,  I had said nothing to the charming princess, Trying […]

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