“I love You”

I love you. It’s a three-word sentence that speaks millions to our very self. It depends on who has said it to you and why they have said so.

A caring parent can say that to their kid and make them feel special.A friend can say it with a lot of affection and appreciation for your kindness. It will still be an endearing Word.

To young lady or guy a week old in a campus, this is a great statement. It means achievement and success. You have hitherto declared your sphere of influence and is preparing to establish effective occupation.

For a young gorgeous girl who has been thrilled by the perfect couple she has been following in operas , this means a lot. She gets admitted , oriented and before matriculation someone has already provided a shoulder to contain her burden. Every night before she gets to sleep she faithfully waits for this heavenly text; “I love you”.

Before  long she is being lured into another step and before she starts her lectures she’s been deflowered by the “Mr Right”. The pain is unbearable,  she reflects at the last statements of her mother.”My daughter preserve your dignity, don’t ashame your Father”. The truth dawns so had on you. You have redefined Yourself and lost your privacy. With a guilty conscience your gathers the residues of your fidelity.

I love you means something else to you. It’s disappointment. It has nothing to do with inexplicable penchant anymore. You are not the recherche darling anymore.

At this point the Word means different. Air of failure is about it. But not much can be done now. Before it’s late teach your self some lesson and set a bulwark towards your independence. Love is a principle and not uncontrollable passion. It’s actuated by noble aspirations and not lusts of carnal natures! Till you realise this,the phrase will always be a bait!

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