The Chief Justice and the President of the Kenyan Supreme Court has stunned the global news headlines for is Solomonic judgement as far asthe electoral petitions are concerned.

I’m writing with conviction because I know this can be a victim of political fervour and orientation, yet my concern will be not geared towards that direction.

It’s been known by many that Africa has been left for dogs, under the despotism of totalitarianism and poor judicial system. A verdict that sends joy away from the incumbent is unheard of in this land, it’s a strange doctrine. It has always been seen as a way of sending one self to the gallows .

Despite   threats within and without, conspiracy within and above he stood still. And made his checks in the constitution.

“The greatness of any nation depends on its fidelity to the constitution and adherence to the rule of law, and above all, fear of God”.

This is his famous and popular quote he made in courtroom before making his verdict.

Truly, this is a great demonstration of Statesmanship. He’s an incarnation of the likes of Henry Lee, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson who remained firm with  unequivocal  clearness.They couldn’t be courted intimidated nor bribed. “Freedom or death” –remained their slogan.

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