Innocent is Sweet

I saw a baby giggling at the gentle touch of a stranger,I saw village kids grateful to see an old rickety rackety dump truck pass by,As a little boy, I couldn’t wait to play in the rain or slide on a muddy slope after rain,While herding my father’s flock, I would count all the vehicles […]

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Signs of a Dying World

What do you think is the fate of our World? What is lying at the end of the story? Have you ever thought there would be a final date for this world? How prepared are you for the Earth’s dying Day if it is there? What if it is there, and yet you live your […]

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3 Lessons that Many People Will Not Learn From the 2022 General Elections

When you see this title, it looks fashioned to a Kenyan audience, and that is true. Kenyans are the primary target. Nevertheless, a Burkinabe or a Panamanian reading this article is using their time effectively. If you are keen enough—which I’m sure are; only keen people read from this website—the electoral landscape in most countries […]

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The Paradox of Money

Money makes the world go round. It is such a great enabler that virtually everything revolves around it: from economies to societies, countries to companies, you name it. At an individual level, its importance cannot be overemphasized enough. The toil we accept and the ‘roughing up’ along the way as we pursue it justifies and […]

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How are You Doing?

How are you doing, friend?Did you just say, “I am fine?”How can it be that you are fine yet have just taken another dart from the chains of addiction you are battling?As usual, you have lied to yourself, “Let me sin for the Last Time!”The very last time, like all addicts, say. How are you […]

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Battle Won by Death Wound

Birth to us means a new beginning,But to Him, birth meant a welcome into the battlefield,So how does a baby fight?Can he raise a standard against his enemy?Or stand inch by inch to wield his javelin and arrows?When he stepped out, he was always embattled,But He managed a perfect childhood,Graduated into faultless manhood,Conducted a holy […]

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