Because You are God’s Child

“God’s Children cannot get away with what the devil’s children are getting away with”

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Children Have “Ear Problems”

Children have ear problems,They will not remember all things you say sweetly,Though you said it with a passion put to use,Or in modulated decibels to appeal to their little childish persons.Even if you create an ambiance of a background,Wafting J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier,They will forget it soon as you finish,This is because children have […]

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Your children won’t come to church!And you shouldn’t be sad about it,When they were little and dependent,Often more than they heard of prayers,Or the power of God unto salvation,They heard your mean and disparaging comments,Poking holes on every Saint and Sinner,Finding something to correct in every sermon,Whipping character out of the strugglers privileged to speak […]


Before You Resort To Suicide

Before you resort to suicide,Please convince us that no one is going to be hurt in the process,Make me believe that out of the eight billion of us,No one wants to see you again. Before you resort to suicide,Make me believe that your problem is beyond solution,Is it worse than world war I & II?Can […]

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Battle for the Pulpit

Our world is embattled to a greater extent. Wars bombard us on all fronts. We fight for survival from unforeseen dangers and injuries. We eat, breathe, sleep, shower, and do everything that has become routine. To your dismay and mine, even the pulpit is embattled. This looks scary, right? Maybe you may begin thinking in […]

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Not All Freshmen Are Fresh

Not all Freshmen are fresh,Some of them have done their assignments well,They know exactly what direction to follow,Be careful if you’re tempted to transact the terrible evil of manipulation. Not all Freshmen are fresh,Some are doing their second degree program like my good friend from Lieta,They know how to conduct themselves in the institution of […]

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The Decision

Throughout the twists and turns of life, one constant remains: The Almighty’s presence; For His existence and essence are never obliterated by life’s convoluted happenings.

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In the Name of Jesus!

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “In the Name of Jesus”? Does it command pious attention and an air of sanctity about it? Does it remind you of all power in heaven and on earth? What does it strike in the keys of your memories? While Christ was on earth, especially […]

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